Do You Support the Essential Office Workers Who Keep Your Buildings Clean & Safe for Tenants & the Public? Have You Signed the Pledge?


Owners and Managers across the country are supporting essential officer workers by signing the Pledge!

Pledge to Support Essential Office Workers

As we emerge from the pandemic, we want to take a moment to honor the essential workers who clean and maintain our properties to keep everyone — our tenants, the public — safe throughout this global health crisis. This past year has made crystal clear that these workers are central to the sustainability of commercial real estate markets worldwide and that ensuring they are able to do their jobs safely and effectively is something all stakeholders in the industry can agree is fundamental to the future of commercial real estate.

In this context, we want to address the racial injustice and economic inequality that the pandemic laid bare. To do our part, we intend to honor our commitments to racial justice and sustainability, in part, by supporting the essential workers – majority people of color and immigrant workforce – who maintain our buildings across the country.

As owners and managers, we know we play a critical role in creating more equitable workplaces through the companies we hire. Our goal is to cultivate an environment that promotes racial justice and economic equality and that proactively addresses the risks of harassment, violence and discrimination of all kinds, including those based on gender and race. We understand that responsible contractors treat essential workers with respect and provide fair and safe working conditions. We understand that responsible contractors work to develop and retain a long-term workforce which is critical in creating the best working environments for everyone to thrive.

The pandemic only accelerated the realization across the financial markets that proactive management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is central to sustainable economic success. In commercial real estate, one of the proven, successful strategies to manage these kinds of ESG risks and to help ensure sustainable returns is to embrace a policy of hiring responsible contractors, who appropriately value the workforce that cleans and secures our properties.

We, the undersigned, pledge to only retain responsible contractors that bargain in good faith with the union and we believe the new cost of labor must factor in pandemic protections for essential workers.

We believe these measures are critical to the long-term success of our business operations as owners and will have a vast and positive impact for the essential workers who clean and secure our buildings, for our tenants, our clients as well as and for the broader communities and cities in which we operate.