Industry News

When your business chooses to implement responsible contractor practices, you benefit from improved working conditions, lower worker-turnover, and increased quality of janitorial and security services for tenants. Read below for the latest industry trends in responsible contracting.


  • Better Training

    Combined with better wages and benefits, comprehensive training programs can further reduce turnover and develop the skills of high-performing security professionals. Rigorous employer/union training programs are especially important in today’s lax regulatory environment–which sets few standards for security officers–and in […]

  • Reducing Turnover Through the Union Solution

    When officers form a union, they have the ability to solve workplace problems, which increases morale and decreases turnover. Security officers work through their union to win decent wages and fair treatment, which leads to a sense of pride, loyalty […]

  • An Ounce of Prevention

    The “Great Recession” and its aftermath continue to impact our nation’s economy. For many U.S. businesses, demand has shrunk while costs have remained constant or even risen. Meanwhile, competition is as grueling as ever. But as tough as the current […]

  • How to Ensure Responsible Security Contracting

    Government officials increasingly rely on private security companies to police public facilities. But in the absence of national mechanisms of accountability, who will police the security companies? Ultimately this responsibility falls to the government officials who hire the security companies. […]