Rating System


When your business chooses to implement responsible contractor practices, you benefit from a highly skilled and motivated workforce, while providing quality service. By working with employees to provide better pay and benefits, responsible contractors are able to improve workforce stability and reduce the risk of labor disruption.

The Responsible Contractor Guide evaluates major contractors in many of the largest urban markets in the United States where SEIU is present, according to the criteria below.Some contractors operate in multiple markets, and it is possible for a contractor’s rating to vary by market.

Property managers, investors, tenants and other interested parties can use the Guide’s online searchable database to easily review a contractor’s status in a market or to view all contractors in a market.

Contractors are rated as responsible if they follow the practices outlined below:

  • Compensate their workforce at or above prevailing wages and benefits including health insurance, compensated days off and other benefits.
  • Seek to maximize continuity at workplaces, prioritize worker safety and promote continuous improvement in the quality of their workforce.
  • Respect and encourage the right of their employees to bargain collectively.
  • Provide employees with a bonafide complaint/grievance procedure.
  • Support the environmental and energy efficiency policies of building owners.

Based on these criteria, contractors are given one of three ratings:

  • Green: follows responsible contracting practices
  • Yellow: Problems indicated in certain areas that require attention
  • Red: Contractor fails to follow responsible contracting practices sufficient to warrant removal from Responsible Contractor Lists